About Company

About Company

Alverna Shipping B.V. has been active in tank storage and shipping since 2010, and is one of the largest independent operators of tank terminals for oils, chemicals and gases worldwide. The company owns and operates 70 terminals in 43 countries with a total storage capacity of 50 million cbm, on five continents – in Europe, North America, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, India, and the Asia-Pacific region.

At the tank storage, Alverna Shipping B.V. stores and handles nearly 1,000 different products including crude oil, petroleum products, biofuels, chemicals and gases. The total throughput of all terminals in 2018 was around 153 million tons. Alverna Shipping B.V. is not the owner of the goods stored, but merely provides its services in the field of tank storage logistics. Our clients include private and state oil companies, refiners, petrochemical companies, and traders in petroleum products and chemicals.

Often we develop and operate our business with reputable local, private and state-owned companies, whereby Alverna Shipping B.V. acts as operating partner in the joint venture. In developing capital-intensive terminal facilities alone – or with substantial local business.To further improve our shareholders value we continue to employ a strategy of controlled growth of our tank terminal-based service network through acquisitions, new buildings and upgrading of existing facilities.


Alverna Shipping B.V. , ensuring the safety of our customers, employees and our communities is our priority. We understand the importance of continuous training and are proud of our safety knowledge, experienced staff and the ability to meet industrial standards year after year. We have identified and maintained excellent safety levels for storage services and low accident rates. As a company, we have a solid history of safety performance and will continue to lead the way in safety and compliance because of the dedication and professionalism of our storage maintenance personnel.


Alverna Shipping B.V. offers leading security programs for asset protection and security. Alverna Shipping B.V. understands that our customers may have important and unique needs with respect to compliance with national legislation, risky products or trademark protection. We offer consultation and proactive collaboration to ensure that the security needs of our customers are met. By using modern and proven technologies, we ensure the integrity of customer goods during transport or at one of our facilities.