About- Company history

our history

  • 2002 Storage and Shipping

    The company Alverna Shipping B.V. started in 2002 as storage and Shipping of raw and refined products. Alverna Shipping B.V. transported oils and store in a small container of 40 tons, and became acquainted with trucking and developed his passion for the industry, working for LTL providers (less-than-truckload).

  • 2016 extended its core area

    We are expanding to handle the increase in our activities. Alverna Shipping B.V. has ordered five 38,000 empty stainless steel parcel tankers, with options for three extra, from China Shipbuilding Group Corporation (CSSC) divisions. It was already planned to expand the storage in one of the major terminal in Russian Federation, which currently had a capacity of around 940,000 cbm, by another 100,000 cbm. Most of the existing tank storage was already utilized by Russia refinery.

  • 2018 Introduced on-board computer systems

    Alverna Shipping B.V. has introduced the critical link in the customer supply chain and introduced built-in systems on board each of its storage tanks at the end of 2016. This breakthrough enabled Alverna Shipping B.V. customers to monitor and trace their cargo in real time; as well as providing up to the minute critical data events via e-mail and electronic data exchange (EDI).

    Today Alverna Shipping B.V. operates more than 300 tractors and 1000 trailers in its terminal network in the entire Rotterdam region. Our hybrid approach to Truckload Transport and Logistics Services offers our customers the flexibility in their supply chain to meet even their biggest challenges. The customer-oriented philosophy of Alverna Shipping B.V. is focused on providing high-quality, cost-effective transport solutions that are truly tailored to your needs.