About- Mission, vision and strategy

Mission, vision and strategy

Alverna Shipping B.V. is one of the leading companies in dynamic and emerging industries. We have invented the modern parcel wagon, a leading company in offshore services and a pioneer in the aquaculture sector. Service and quality are the keywords for Alverna Shipping B.V. . This is traditionally based on self-sufficiency, competence, high quality requirements and continuous innovation. The highest priority of the company is to fully match the customer's needs with flexible storage and transport solutions.


Service and quality are key to Alverna Shipping B.V. approach. This has traditionally been based on self-sufficiency, proficiency, exacting quality requirements and continuous innovation. The company’s top priority is to fully match the client’s needs with flexible storage and transport solutions..


For a company like Alverna Shipping B.V. that takes the lead, vision and business development go hand in hand. Alverna Shipping B.V. plans further investments in automation, attracting the right people, continuous innovation and seeing and seizing opportunities. Yet safety always comes first. The ambition of Alverna Shipping B.V. is simple: stay informed and keep growing by expanding the current markets and the range of products that it can store. The acquisition of the four Westway terminals in Europe (in October 2016) means that Alverna Shipping B.V. can offer its customers in the Far East an even better service. Alverna Shipping B.V. is quick to recognize market opportunities. By responding to this, the company becomes a reliable and innovative logistics partner for a growing number of customers.


Since the end of 2008 Alverna Shipping B.V. has had to deal with important external and internal changes that have had a strong impact on its activities. In 2009, the strategic plan for the period towards 2013 was completed and confirmed, but only a year later the plan no longer met the changes brought about by the financial and economic crisis. That is why we started preparing a new strategy in the second half of 2010. This strategy will enable Alverna Shipping B.V. to recover after the crisis and to promote the revitalization of its operation.