Rail transport

Rail transport

 Alverna Shipping B.V. offers universal services for the transport of goods by rail throughout the Netherlands in trains (including baggage cars), gondola cars and ISO containers. We also work with railway operators to provide access to the Netherlands and Europe by rail for companies and producers in Europe. Rail transport can be ordered as a separate service or integrated into the multimodal supply chain. The long-term relationships and direct contracts with European railway structures enable Alverna Shipping B.V. to exercise the advantages of the first forwarder and to make competitive offers for rail freight from the Netherlands to European countries. The consignment note CIM / SMGS is used for border-bound rail transport from Europe to Russia. We will issue all necessary transport documents and carry out the complete control About the delivery by rail along the entire route.

  • Solution linked to railway Services

    Alverna Shipping B.V. Logistics offers inland rail transport services in the Russian Federation and Europe, based on its extensive worldwide networks. Alverna Shipping B.V. Logistics also offers high-quality services and competitive prices based on the know-how it has built for years.

  • Safety and compliance

    With each round trip by rail, we save 55,300 liters of diesel fuel and reduce carbon emissions by 145.20 tons compared to road vehicle use of Euro 5 and 6. We will continue our efforts to create a better world by 40.5 million liters of diesel and to produce 67,300 tons less carbon dioxide every year.