We recognize that we have a Responsibility againstAbout the communities in which we operate. We are aware of the impact we can have on our environment and our stakeholders. It is therefore an important aspect of our mission to be actively and positively involved in these communities.

Alverna Shipping B.V. does everything to run its activities in such a way that the environment is respected and its impact is minimized. In order to achieve this, Alverna Shipping B.V. continuously monitors its operational procedures and ensures that suitable and effective technology is used.

Alverna Shipping B.V. also attaches great importance to the responsible use of energy and environmental awareness. Energy consumption is limited as much as possible by implementing effective measures and the use of smart systems. Everything is being done to reduce waste production. Employees are trained to reduce wastewater, energy consumption and the use of chemicals. Alverna Shipping B.V. carries out its environmental policy through good governance and fully in accordance with environmental legislation.

Alverna Shipping B.V. also has several Corporate Social Responsibility activities that we believe are not only a prerequisite to be a corporate citizen, but also present opportunities to engage our employees and communities. Our activities include services in Logistics Emergency Teams disaster relief, and volunteering and fund-raising for community-focused initiatives.

Our commitment to responsibility demonstrates how we are planning for growth with the care and due diligence needed to ensure long-term success. We do this by striving to implement our high standards and values consistently in changing and diverse markets. Our customers, employees and consumers expect responsible business behavior at every step of the supply chain. Alverna Shipping B.V. considers the above approach as a source of competitive advantage.