Safety standards

 Alverna Shipping B.V. adheres to the highest Safety standards that suit its type of company. Handling large quantities of oils and greases requires a clean and safe working environment and safe working methods. Safety is the key to our work, so we do everything to ensure the safety of our customers, our employees and the environment. Because Alverna Shipping B.V. provides services relating to the handling of oil and chemicals, we are a so-called 'Major Hazard Company'. That is why we must comply with the European SEVESO III directive. This directive is intended to prevent and control major industrial accidents involving dangerous goods. Because Alverna Shipping B.V. has a direct connection with the port of Rotterdam, we must adhere to the ISPS code: the security code of the international ship and port facility. This is a series of security measures that apply to ships and port facilities About the world, implemented to improve maritime security.

At Alverna Shipping B.V. , however, security is not negotiable. Nothing should have priority over the well-being of our people or the environment in which we work. To this end, we have an HSE policy, with a clear and uniform set of standards that apply to all our terminal facilities worldwide.

The principles of Alverna Shipping B.V. Health and safety policy

  • Act entirely in accordance with the regulations as described in Russian Federation legislation on working conditions, European health and safety legislation and any further legislation that applies to the logistics and transport sector.
  • To maintain a quality management system throughout the organization to prevent errors and achieve the highest level of safety for every employee.
  • Investigate the incidence of incidents and analyze them and take corrective measures to prevent repetition.
  • To apply a thorough risk assessment. In this way, sensible measures can be taken at every workplace to manage the health risk.
  • Invest in reducing risks by providing clear instructions, adequate training for employees and good support.
  • Achieving a culture in which safety is a shared value among staff and is reflected in the attitude, the convictions and perceptions of all employees.