Tank Farm


We operate a global network of oil storage tank farm located at strategic locations along major trade routes. With 17-year history and a strong focus on sustainability, including safety, we ensure safe efficient and clean storage and handling of bulk liquid products and gases for our customers. With 50 million cbm of storage capacity and 163 tanks in virtually every conceivable size and type, Alverna Shipping B.V. is the largest independent expert in tank storage for liquids. Whether you want to store chemicals, biodiesel or base oils and lubricants in large or small quantities in stainless steel, coated or mild steel storage tanks, you can be sure that Alverna Shipping B.V. always has the perfect solution for your specific needs. Our tank terminal is designed to facilitate transport by tanker, train and ship. We can offer customers the following options, container parking, tank-to-truck and truck-to-tank loading and unloading, board-to-board and heating, filters are used as standard when loading and unloading tankers. You can be sure that your flammable and non-flammable goods are all stored safely and reliably.

Alverna Shipping B.V. is the right company for anyone who wants to store different amounts of chemicals. With 163 tanks in 15 different sizes - varying from 156 m³ to 6.600 m³ - we can always offer you the best solution for your specific storage needs. That is why all our tanks are equipped with automated volume and temperature measurements. The demand for storage of chemicals is growing. Are you looking for chemical storage? Alverna Shipping B.V. has been offering safe and suitable storage for chemicals since 2009. We are happy to help you with our state-of-the-art solutions for chemical storage and distribution.

Multiple Jetties Locations

We offer multiple jetties to guarantee flexibility and maintain a standard operational hours for loading and unloading. Our offered jetties are suitable for all petroleum and petrochemical ships. Our train carriages are available at the loading places on a 24-hour basis. We pump-in and pump-out at a constant speed, because our tanks are equipped with standard vapor processing materials.

Alverna Shipping B.V. also has five railway overpasses that can receive 108 tanks with oil products. In 2016, 5 000 thousand tons oil products were delivered by railway. POT receives cargoes via the Oktyabrskaya railway through the Avtovo railway station (Code: 035601).

Professionally organize transportation railway transport for any oil products. We transport materials railway transport in accordance with the norms and standards of Russian and international law, which ensures complete safety of transportation of petroleum products. We do our best to make our service was comfortable for our clients and mutually beneficial to all parties.

Two news tanks, 40,000 m3 each, were constructed in 2007 with the more ergonomic and environment friendly double-wall technology. The 3rd 40,000-ton tank was completed already in 2012. Having such large reservoirs increased the simultaneous storage capacity of the Terminal and enabled it to provide better services to its clients, giving them more opportunity for oil product storage and trans-shipment.