Alverna Shipping B.V. is one of the leading companies in Russian Federation and we have more than 2 billion m² of logistics facilities, where we offer solutions for almost every sector, such as healthcare, high-tech, automotive and consumers. In Rotterdam we have 70,000 m² of storage space where we serve both domestic and international companies from different sectors. We have glued areas, as well as the ability to store duty-free goods and manage excise duties for drinks, for example.

Our warehousing solutions are always based on the needs of our customers and business requirements. We can set up a fully customized and integrated long-term warehousing solution, offer short-term buffer storage or act as a cross-Gevelco terminal. We offer cost-efficient and flexible solutions that meet your business needs and your logistics are ahead of the competition. In addition to warehousing and normal pick & pack activities, we are able to offer various cost-efficient, value-added services, distribution or manage your entire supply chain.

Why choose us?

At Alverna Shipping B.V. you can choose the desired specifications to meet the individual needs at locations in the center and the north of Rotterdam. In addition to storage for your shared warehouse, we can help you with stock management and shipping. The rates vary depending on the type of product that is stored and on the services you want to use. You do not need to hire warehouse staff, maintain a physical location, and you do not have to invest in stock software or expensive warehouse equipment. In this type of shared resources environment, you only pay for the portion of the warehouse space and the amount of work that is applied to your account. You can then pass on these savings to your customers. Public warehouses can also offer 3PL logistics solutions for your business; they can handle distribution tasks from pick and pack, all while maintaining extensive inventory management.

A few other things that Alverna Shipping B.V. can offer Warehouse Management when they have a public or shared warehouse:

  • Custom pick package
  • Contract Packaging
  • E-commerce integration and automation
  • Real-time inventory system for customers
  • Custom barcodes, labels and product branding
  • Digital reporting and accounting
  • Video surveillance and security system